Tales from the Time of COVID

April 25, 2021


Facilitator Bio

Stephanie Cooper, M.D.
Stephanie Cooper believes that stories are the currency of human experience. Before she was a doctor, she was a journalist. As a medical student, she recognized that stories were integral to maintaining the very humanity that impelled students to the field of medicine. As a clinician, she has utilized process writing to teach medical students techniques to break bad news and facilitated Narrative Medicine workshops at University of Washington for both residents and faculty members. Stephanie attended the Masters in Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University. She is currently an Emergency Medicine physician with Kaiser Permanente in Seattle, Washington, and a mother of two vibrant 7-year old boys who love a good story.

Elizabeth Magassy Dorn, M.D.
Elizabeth Magassy Dorn, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington believes in the fundamental role of art to keep us connected to ourselves and others, and to bridge the gap of communication not expressed through normal channels of daily human discourse. A lifelong visual artist, sometime poetry writer, and active practitioner in local theater community, she recently wrote and performed 2 solo performance pieces depicting her journey through the medical world.

Event Details

April 25, 2021
3:00-5:00 pm
Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed & Breakfast
907 14th Avenue East Outdoor Patio Seattle, WA 98112


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