The Interstitium: My First Time


January 16, 2019


The Interstitium: My First Time

By Stephanie Cooper & Elizabeth Dorn, NWNMC Board Members

Interstitium: A dynamic fluid-filled space existing between a structural barrier and internal structures; a reservoir and transportation system for communication between cells; a place where magic happens.  

Seattle's inaugural event, The Interstitium:  Stories of Health, Wellness, Illness, and Beyond, bounced into life this Sunday at the beautiful Shafer Baillie Mansion. The storytelling gala, centered on the theme "My First Time," featured 10 storytellers who spilled tales of hilarity, woe, power dynamics, and other epiphanies. We are grateful for the immeasurable support of Elizabeth Lahti and Ben Colburn who came up from Portland to share and aid with the launch.

The event sold out within 10 days, revealing a deep desire for narrative medicine in Seattle. The storytelling was captivating, vulnerable, and meaningful--all themes that align with the practice of medicine. 

NWNMC plans to hold quarterly Interstitium events in Seattle.  As we gear up for the next Interstitium, we will galvanize the excitement of this storytelling event and begin to form a core group of Seattle NNMC members. 

"I somehow both laughed until I peed my pants, and then almost cried"

- Interstitium audience member

Fear not Portland, NWNMC also plans to hold quarterly Interstitium events in the City of Roses. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@nwnmcollab) to keep up.

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