Storytelling Workshop with Sam Blackman MD


January 26, 2020


Storytelling Workshop with Sam Blackman MD

Please join the Seattle Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative for an interactive Storytelling workshop facilitated by Master Storyteller Sam Blackman. Dr. Blackman has told stories for The Moth, The Interstitium and Ignite Seattle.

This workshop will be held on 2 contiguous Sundays - January 26th and February 2nd, from 10am-1pm. The goal will be to craft a 5 to 7 minute story, (both writing and performing). Participants will develop, expand, and/or refine their storytelling skills. PLEASE ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS.

First session: Didactic teaching plus volunteers willing to 'workshop' their stories.

Second session: Participants will perform their story (live, without notes) and get feedback, followed by a group discussion on lessons learned.

Please come with a story draft or idea.

Key concepts:


Interpreting/hewing to a theme

Creating a narrative arc

Memorable opening/closings

Comitragedy and tragicomedy

Lessons learned (things I’ve learned after doing 50+ stories)

Reading versus telling versus performing: pacing, timing

Specific ideas for medical people (e.g. terminology, black humor, confidentiality, triggers

Please purchase tickets; space is limited to 15 participants. Please attend both sessions.

Location venue will be emailed separately.

Date And Time
Sun, January 26, 2020
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST

Will be emailed to attendees

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