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Seattle’s 10th Interstitium Offers Equal Parts Tears and Laughter 

On a rare 80-degree May day in Seattle, the basement of the Shafer Baillie Mansion was packed. According to the lore surrounding this imposing Tudor Revival home, the basement was once a speakeasy. A century later, there was still a conspiratorial air about the place. As emcee Elizabeth Dorn explained, the event we were waiting for would be analog – a one-time opportunity for performers and audience members to share a unique form of narrative medicine – live, spontaneous storytelling in its rawest, most emotional form.

Seattle Interstitium Brings Poignant and Funny Stories to the Fore

by Elizabeth Dorn On January 7, the Seattle branch of the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative ran its 9th Interstitium storytelling event to a sold-out, standing-room-only crowd at the beautiful Shafer Baillie Mansion. We find it a testimony to the hunger for such events that tickets were posted on December 12 and sold out within six days,…

The Moment of Truth

On May 26th, Seattle’s Share Baillie Bed & Breakfast hosted The Interstitium: The Moment of Truth. There was a collection of 8 storytellers, all so graciously willing to share their stories. However, before the event began, Dr. Sam Blackman facilitated two The Moment of Truth: Storytelling Workshops. Dr. Blackman is a Moth Grand Slam winner, pediatric oncologist,…

Learning to Put the “Care” in Healthcare

I currently attend Lewis & Clark College, where I am a health studies minor. I was taking Public Health this year and we had to attend “Narrative Scribe Training- Signal and Noise: Scribing in the Margins”. What started out as an unknown became an experience that continues to shape my daily interactions.  In Narrative Scribe…

On a Night that Changed My Life

It was late Friday night when the audience filtered through doors to the chapel at Lewis & Clark College and  the zoom waiting room was filling up just as quickly. The audience on both ends were buzzing, and the physical space was filled with warmth.  In the first hybrid interstitium since the start of the…

Two Things Can Be True: Celebrating the Together Well Project

Two and a half years ago, Together Well started  with what Brian Park, one of the leaders, called “zero foresight and full curiosity to understand the world better.” Together Well was a culmination of empathy and connection and resulted in a co-created story that articulates the superhuman-ness in all of us.  The project celebrated its…


I am a terrible story-teller, by dinner party definition. Small talk can spiral out of control. Lovely weather we’re having. Blue was the first color to be synthetically produced. The 9/11 Commission Report opens with “dawned temperate and nearly cloudless in the eastern United States.” The World Meteorological Organization publishes the International Cloud Atlas.  In…

What is your narrative medicine?

This is the first in a series of discussions with health professionals who use narrative medicine in their work. Together we hope to answer the question: What is narrative medicine? If you’d like to be included in this conversation, drop us an email! Dr. David Schleich, PhD President Emeritus, National University of Natural Medicine [Portland,…

¡LLAMANDO A TODOS LOS CUENTADORES! ¿Tiene una historia de COVID que contar?

Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative (NWNMC) y Metropolitan Alliance for Common  Good (MACG) están encantados de presentar “El Intersticio,” una noche de historias de  nuestra comunidad sobre la vida durante la pandemia de COVID.   “El Intersticio” es un espacio para que nuestra comunidad puede compartir las historias  sobre las relaciones personales que todos tenemos con la…

Pink Purple Orange and Blue

by Hope SasekFebruary 27, 2005 Screaming, squalling, red faced and a fractured clavicle suctioned and rushed to the NICU, six pounds, five ounces of new life measured, named, and cradled in the warmth of the incubator.   Twenty-one days later, Hannah came home in mother’s arms and to sleep on father’s chest; nursed, nourished, loved,…

The List: 26 Statements Reflecting Non-Disabled Persons’ Privilege

(Modeled after White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack created by Prof. Peggy McIntosh. The first ten have been taken, with minor adaptations, from her White Privilege article) 1. Most of the time I can, if I wish, arrange to be around people who share my disability status, either disabled or non-disabled. 2. History textbooks include…

“we all make mistakes. If we live in this world…”

Writing from Community of Practice Dr. Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman shared a raw paragraph she wrote during Ripping the Bandaid Off: Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis, led by Leslie Gregory. Read on! Ripping the band-aid off is the moment when you realize you yourself can be biased as well. No one is immune…

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