Saturday Workshops

The following workshops are part of the NWNM Conference Saturday program. Participants will attend each workshop with their small group cohort.


Workshop #1 “Recognizing Narratives”

Workshop activities will build on themes presented by the morning speakers. Participants will begin with a facilitated discussion around a visual image, followed by a short writing exercise prompted by a common object. In this workshop participants will recognize details of how their own stories are shaped and formed, and also examine the interplay between a personal narrative and the collective narrative of the group.

Workshop #2 “Telling, Listening, Translating”

In health care we often tell and re-tell our own stories and the stories of others. In this workshop participants will engage in a facilitated discussion of the attributes of listening, using an excerpt from Rachel Naomi Remen’s New York Times bestseller Kitchen Table Wisdom. Participants will then engage in a dynamic exercise featuring both telling and listening to personal narratives. Attention will be paid to the experience of telling, listening and translating a story into one’s own distilled words.