The Interstitium


December 21, 2018


The Interstitium

Please join us for the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative's inaugural Seattle event, featuring storytelling by health care professionals. We invite you to tell a health-care related story on the theme, "My First Time". Your story can be funny, serious, heartfelt, absurd, lyrical, etc. We are seeking story-tellers and story-appreciators, as we gather together to build a narrative medicine community.

The Interstitium is SOLD OUT. We are thrilled at the response and interest in this inaugural event. Stay tuned for future Interstitium events. 

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Story guidelines:

  • 7 minutes or less
  • you may read from a written story, or tell a story extemporaneously
  • please maintain patient/people privacy and don't use actual names unless you have permission
  • story content can range from serious to funny to absurd to dramatic
  • the event will not be recorded
  • the event will not be judged

Date and Time
Sunday, January 13th, 2019
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed & Breakfast
907 14th Avenue East
Fireplace Room
Seattle, WA 98112

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