What We Learned about Ourselves: Lessons from a Pandemic

March 28, 2023

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Numerous studies confirm the COVID pandemic has impacted our mood, sense of well-being and, consequently, our overall mental health. This workshop will provide the time and space to process these feelings in a supportive environment and recognize our unique personal strengths in handling challenging situations during these uncertain times.

Facilitator Bio

Paul Iarrobino

Paul Iarrobino credits his upbringing in a large Italian East Coast family for helping him speak up at the dining room table, lest he go unheard. Paul caught his second wind at the age of 50 and started sharing stories on stage. He has performed his craft to audiences, and eventually grew his practice to teaching, coaching and producing.

Now, a decade later, at the age of 60, and after experiencing the ups and downs of the pandemic, he has just released his first book, COVIDOLOGY: Sharing Life Lessons from Behind the Mask. This anthology features many first time authors and poets and includes Paul’s COVID short story, Metamorphosis.

You can follow his work at: https://www.ourboldvoices.com

Event Details

March 28, 2023


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