Transformative Narratives & Poetic Forms

March 16, 2021


Transformative Narratives & Poetic Forms
Poetry and poetic form is an effective and efficient way to capture, encapsulate, and express emotional and intuited content. This CoP experience introduces the marriage of active listening with poetic output via employing Haiku as a narrative tool. Participants will learn about the Haiku way of seeing and being and how this poetic form encourages paying attention as much as it does "telling about it.”

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Facilitator Bio

Corey S. Pressman, MA, CCFP, CTP
Corey S. Pressman is a writer, artist, and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. He has published poetry, academic works, and short stories. Corey is also a member/owner of Portland’s Waterstone Gallery, where he regularly exhibits original artworks. He is an instructor in the Integrative Health and Wellness program at the University of Portland School of Nursing and teaches in the Nutrition program at the National University of Natural Medicine. Corey also has a private practice as a personal wellness coach and completed Narrative Medicine Facilitator training with NWNMC in January.

Event Details

March 16, 2021
6:00-8:00 pm


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