Self-Preservation as an End of Life Caregiver

June 15, 2021


Caring for critically ill and dying people day in and day out can lead to rapid burnout. How can we honor the people we care for when a “dignified death” feels at times impossible? How can we honor ourselves through self-preservation strategies? How much of a boundary needs to exist within empathy? This workshop is designed to explore coping mechanisms, share experiences, and participate in healing creative expression. Through both group conversation and personal writing activities, we will recall personal stories, identify moments of difficulty/burnout, and highlight the ways in which we can support ourselves and each other in the honorable position of caring for someone transitioning through the end of their life. Primary learning objectives will center around community support, validating experiences and identifying coping strategies. Ideally, the outcome will be a greater understanding of our limitations and needs as caregivers, and the creation of a “toolbox” that can be utilized for future patient care experiences.

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Facilitator Bio

Nina Solis is a hematology-oncology and Covid-19 RN and emerging writer based in Philadelphia. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 as a first-generation college student, with a major in Nursing and minor in Creative Writing. Currently she enjoys playing guitar, running, and genuine human connection (at least 6-feet apart). You can find her @bean_solis on Twitter and Instagram.

Event Details

June 15, 2021
6:00-7:30 pm