The Journey of a Learner: Unraveling the Narrative of Becoming

July 25, 2023


As people, we are made up of memories, experiences, and a whole bunch of knowledge. But how did we get here? We are brought into this world knowing nothing and having to be taught everything. We are all on our individual paths and stages of life, but no matter where we are in our lives, we had to learn to get to our present state of being. In July’s session, we will explore what it means to be a learner, a student, an inexhaustible sponge soaking up every bit of wisdom we can, and the journey to becoming us. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own experiences as learners through prompts, literature, and writing.

Facilitator Bio

Candace Chan

Candace Chan is a fourth-year medical student. She has always loved analyzing literature and frequently turns to writing as a form of self-expression. Throughout her high school years, English emerged as her favored subject. In her first year at OHSU, she became a co-lead for Growth Factor, an online virtual story-telling event where individuals within the healthcare field shared stories about growth from “failures.” Inspired by this endeavor, she transitioned to becoming a narrative medicine facilitator for fellow medical students. Drawing upon the transformative power of art, literature, and writing, she helps classmates pause and digest the many mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting experiences they are exposed to each and every day.

Mackenzie Whitcomb

Mackenzie Whitcomb is also a fourth-year medical student, who will be pursuing a career in emergency medicine. Writing has been part of her life ever since she can remember. In medicine, it not only connects her to her patients and to their stories but also to herself and her own humanity. She has found that sharing stories with peers has helped her to digest complex emotions, build community, and relieve the often substantial weight of her studies. Finding and creating a community of people who feel similarly has been one of the most meaningful parts of her medical practice thus far.

Event Details

July 25, 2023