How Do You Treat Yourself?

January 16, 2024

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For our first 2024 NWNMC Community of Practice, we’ll dig deep into the human experience of being in need of caretaking. We will explore our identities through sharing our own experiences in times of need and how it can build empathy when we return to being caregivers.

Facilitator Bio

Ana Araujo Headshot

Ana Araujo is a third-year medical student at OHSU, having previously earned a master’s degree in clinical research between her second and third years of medical school. Raised in Brazil, Ana relocated to the United States to pursue her undergraduate studies in North Carolina. She has been deeply intrigued by the intersection between science and literature throughout her academic journey. At OHSU, narrative medicine emerged as a passion of hers. Ana is committed to incorporating patients’ values and desires into each medical encounter, striving to be a proactive advocate for their well-being. To her, medicine is fundamentally about storytelling, and she remains dedicated to centering patients’ narratives in meaningful healthcare discussions. Beyond her medical pursuits, Ana enjoys engaging in various sports, sampling diverse cuisines in Portland, and immersing herself in outdoor adventures.

Jordana Brown Headshot

Jordana Brown is a 4th year medical student at OHSU who is applying into Internal Medicine for Residency. She is originally from the DC-area, but made her way to the west coast for medical school. At OHSU, Jordana discovered her love of narrative medicine as a way to share experiences and vulnerabilities with others in healthcare. She plans to adopt this as a part of her practice wherever she goes as a means of seeking connection and validation with colleagues and friends. As someone who has had family members who have needed extensive medical care, Jordana knows what it is like to not just provide healthcare, but to be a family member of a person receiving care. She hopes to bring this perspective to the narrative medicine space as an opportunity to expand perspectives of those who care for the ill and vulnerable. When she is not doing medical-related things, you can find Jordana cooking, practicing yoga, or exploring the PNW and all of its beauty!

Event Details

January 16, 2024
6:00-7:30 PM


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