Porous Borders: Making Connections and Setting Boundaries as Healers

April 18, 2023


Many of us are healers in different ways–as health professionals, family members, or advocates. Being a healer demands that we simultaneously form connections and draw boundaries. Healing requires giving from ourselves while also holding a part of ourselves back, so that after acknowledging our own emotions, we are able to continue caring for others. Sometimes building this inner strength requires drawing purposeful boundaries, or putting space between us and our loved ones or patients. In April’s NWNMC Community of Practice, we will explore the duality between distance and vulnerability.

Facilitator Bio

Aniqa Azim

Aniqa Azim just finished her residency in Internal Medicine at OHSU and will be a chief resident next year. She is interested in the intersection between medicine and the humanities, and hopes to incorporate narrative medicine into her future practice as an academic hospitalist. Her work has been published in Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine and more recently was presented in the Arts and Humanities section of the regional Society of Internal General Medicine conference. In her free time, she loves reading fiction, watching true crime documentaries, baking, and hiking with her husband.

Elizabeth Lahti

Elizabeth Lahti is a doctor, mother, writer, and teacher in Portland, Oregon, who taught high school before deciding to go to medical school. Now she is a clinical hospitalist, and Director of Narrative Medicine at OHSU. In another life she might have been a novelist, but for now dabbles in poetry and creative non-fiction. She co-founded the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative so that people from diverse roles in health care could recognize, create, and amplify health narratives of all kinds. In her free time she drives a lot of carpools, listens to audiobooks, and eats Peruvian food whenever she can.

Event Details

April 18, 2023


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