Community of Practice-Seattle

Join us for our next Community of Practice, on Thursday, October 17,2019 at 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Campus 201 16th Avenue East Conference Room 618/624 (6th Floor Central Main Building) Seattle, WA 98112

Margaret Wardlaw will lead the group in a reflective writing session. We’ll be looking at poetry and patient stories to talk about what goes missing in traditional medical narratives.

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Join NW Narrative Medicine Collaborative for its Community of Practice workshop series. Each interactive workshop focuses on developing narrative skills in community. Each month highlights a different focus/topic, and will host a featured visiting facilitator.

Workshop facilitators will create and facilitate a one-time workshop experience focused on a specific skill that will expand each participant’s narrative medicine practice.  

Participants should plan on engaging in discussion, writing, creating, sharing, and interacting with other participants. While the topic and facilitator will rotate, the format will be the same:

  • Facilitator Welcome
  • Brief Introductions
  • Workshop (90 minutes); including
    • Hands on activity, community participation
    • Writing prompt/time to write
    • Discussion either in large group, pairs, small groups
    • Wrap up and send off with a “Try This” Activity
  • Close

Our  focus is narrative medicine, that is, an approach to healthcare that supports narrative competence—the ability to listen, absorb, and be moved to action by the stories of illness and wellness.