Community of Practice – October Recap


October 30, 2018


Community of Practice – October Recap

By Eden Bainter

For our October gathering of the NWNMC Community of Practice, Liz Asch Greenhill (acupuncturist, visual artist, and writer) led participants in readings and exercises drawing on concepts from Chinese Medicine and acupuncture theory. After a brief but well-rounded introduction to Chinese medicine and theory, we practiced. Using self visualization exercises, we went deep inside our own bodies to places of blockage, pain, and discontent. Liz was right when she noted that, “a creative shift in our self-perception can open us up to new awareness, creativity, and a felt sense of transformation.” It felt liberating to embody my body in a completely fresh way, to come at my body’s aches and areas of resistance from an entirely new angle.

Liz describes creative embodiment as “the building of tools and skills to feel more comfortable, at home, and expressive in our own bodies"... and who can’t use more of that? From the feedback I heard and calmed faces I saw looking back at me from around the table, I wasn’t the only one who felt a positive internal shift. Thank you for giving us tools, Liz, to take into our homes and narrative medicine practices.

Our next NWNMC Community of Practice is November 20th. All are welcome!

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