Poet Elizabeth Paulson with her Grandmother. Covid is rampant in the Pacific Islander community and the writer wanted to use this opportunity to destigmatize mask wearing.

RX: A Poetic Act of Resistance and Resilience

What gives us olagaWhat gives us soifua maloloina The rationed insulin                                                 The hard pills to swallow Only heal the                         Physical                                                 Pain What prescription              Can be written                                     To heal the                                                              Trauma                                                                         We have                                                                                      Survived Our hypertension             Is a reflection                          Of the stress                                      And salty diets forced upon us                                As our culture was stolen What could I prescribe…


Saeeda Wright and Bryce Olson talk about the inspiration behind teaming up together to Fight Against Cancer Through Song

Listen to the full story and the beautiful voice of Saeeda Wright. Bryce Olson is the keynote speaker for the 2017 NWNM Conference. Saeeda Wright and Bryce Olson will perform together at Story Beat LIVE!

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Interview: April Brenneman and Elizabeth Lahti talk with friends at KGW about the 2nd Annual Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference in Portland, Or.

Watch the full interview here:

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