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The Moment of Truth

On May 26th, Seattle’s Share Baillie Bed & Breakfast hosted The Interstitium: The Moment of Truth. There was a collection of 8 storytellers, all so graciously willing to share their stories. However, before the event began, Dr. Sam Blackman facilitated two The Moment of Truth: Storytelling Workshops. Dr. Blackman is a Moth Grand Slam winner, pediatric oncologist,…

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Learning to Put the “Care” in Healthcare

I currently attend Lewis & Clark College, where I am a health studies minor. I was taking Public Health this year and we had to attend “Narrative Scribe Training- Signal and Noise: Scribing in the Margins”. What started out as an unknown became an experience that continues to shape my daily interactions.  In Narrative Scribe…

Storyteller Linda speaking at the Interstitium

On a Night that Changed My Life

It was late Friday night when the audience filtered through doors to the chapel at Lewis & Clark College and  the zoom waiting room was filling up just as quickly. The audience on both ends were buzzing, and the physical space was filled with warmth.  In the first hybrid interstitium since the start of the…

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Two Things Can Be True: Celebrating the Together Well Project

Two and a half years ago, Together Well started  with what Brian Park, one of the leaders, called “zero foresight and full curiosity to understand the world better.” Together Well was a culmination of empathy and connection and resulted in a co-created story that articulates the superhuman-ness in all of us.  The project celebrated its…

Photo of the stars above a rocky mountain and a field of wheat.


I am a terrible story-teller, by dinner party definition. Small talk can spiral out of control. Lovely weather we’re having. Blue was the first color to be synthetically produced. The 9/11 Commission Report opens with “dawned temperate and nearly cloudless in the eastern United States.” The World Meteorological Organization publishes the International Cloud Atlas.  In…

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The Interstitium

Live stories from humans in healthcare.

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