2017 Conference

The Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative
and OHSU School of Medicine
present the

2nd Annual Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference

October 20 – 22, 2017
Portland, Oregon

What can you expect? Spend three days learning side-by-side with healthcare professionals, students, scholars, social workers, patients, caregivers and patient advocates. Build concrete skills to develop narrative competence – the ability to absorb, interpret and be moved to action by the story of illness. Registration is now open!


Throughout the conference, participants will be exposed to new perspectives and challenged by compelling stories, often very different from one’s own. Foundational narrative workshops ground participants in the fundamentals of narrative medicine. Through self-selected topical workshops, participants will explore plays, poems and even clay pots as portals to understanding illness. By hearing from and working closely with content experts, and exploring unfamiliar topics and utilizing many different mediums of expression, participants will build their narrative competence and develop new skills they can incorporate into their own work.


Bryce Olson_2

Keynote Speaker: Bryce Olson

Hear inspiring, dramatic stories of life-changing challenges from keynote speakers and instructors that will forever change how you understand the patient experience. Keynote speaker Bryce Olson, Intel’s Global Marketing Director for Health and Life Sciences, was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer at the age of 44. Having his tumor DNA sequenced at OHSU opened new doors for him, sparking a passion for precision medicine. Since then, he’s been a vocal proponent for this new way to fight cancer, and he also uses music to raise awareness for precision medicine with his F.A.C.T.S. (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Song) movement.


Spend three days reveling in how narrative medicine can be a bridge between caregivers and those facing illness. Hear stories from healthcare workers, patients, caregivers and artists. Tap into your own stories with small group workshops. Watch a troupe with Parkinson’s Disease express themselves through dance. Spend Saturday night at Story Beat LIVE—an evening of storytelling and music.

Check out the complete 2017 Conference Program and then register here. We’ll see you in Portland in October! 
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