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Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative


We’re glad you’re here! NWNMC welcomes patients, health care professionals, clinicians, caregivers, writers, artists, and scholars. We hope you will join us.


Narrative Medicine is a practice in which we recognize, absorb, metabolize, and allow ourselves to be moved by stories of illness and health. We hone narrative skills in a monthly community of practice where we read, discuss, write, listen, and share, together. 

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We believe that narrative medicine awakens the shared humanity of all people who are navigating illness; and that doing this work in community strengthens us individually. By listening to others’ stories and telling our own, we respect and nourish those affected by illness. We invite the stories from patients and caregivers of all kinds including those whose stories have been historically undertold.

Community of Practice


Our monthly writing workshops are open to all.

The Interstitium


Live stories from humans in healthcare.

Accessible Narrative Medicine


An inclusive digital library for use in facilitator trainings and community workshops.

Together Well


Sharing countless ways the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our lives.

Narrative Medicine Training


Registration for Fall 2023 Facilitator Training begins May 1st !


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